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Your environment for interactive events - face2face, virtual & hybrid.

CrowdPal: your Event Environment.

An entire multiverse for your attendees to discover.
Simple structure - Big effect


Perfect for User Conversion.
Show face.
Newsletter & Contact Form
Integrated Ticketing & Shop.

Integrated User management


Open Access
Registration with custom forms

A perfect start - your Landing page.

A fresh, customizable Landing page converts visitors - the perfect starting point for your event.

Promote the Line-Up by adding and sharing videos or other content. Sponsors and Keynote speakers can easily be promoted and showcased.

CrowdPal even allows for complex ticketing!

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User Conversion.

NEW: Teaser

Depending on the type of event, a landing page may allow you to convert users: either to paying customers via ticketing or to registered ones.

The pages' look & functionality is easily adjustable to your use case.

Boost your revenue stream

NEW: Ticketing

Yes its true, we now offer ticketing too!
Tickets / Passes can be defined beforehand and sold via paypal / stripe on the landing page.

Ticketing integration in combination with our flexible onboarding is a powerful tool.

Make the most out of your content

NEW: Line-Up

Your landing page really serves as the public face.

Let's use it to get people excited!

Make an excellent first impression.


Your interactive EventApp

Create an environment that you are gonna be proud of.
For Congress, Corporate Venues, Workshops, Trade Fairs, Product shows & much more.

Simple structure - Big effect


Certain parts require certain tools?

- Ok, no Problem.
Seamlessly embed external sites
Content@us can be shared on the WWW

Make the most out of your content


Do you need:
User / Speaker Management ?
Sponsor Management ?
Poster / Abstract Management ?
Easy export / import ?

Features highlighted

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Scalable on Devices.


Designed to provide the best possible experience for participants and presenters on all devices.

The plattform is entirely browser based. No installation is necessary.

Smartly Coded & Maintained.


According to your wishes, we adapt the interactive event app to your corporate design.

Functions and design are freely configurable thanks to the modular concept of our software.

Flexible & Customizable.


There are dozens of innovative features & possibilities to choose from.

Take advantage of our expertise and support. We will assist you.

Getting Interested?


Use our platform to visualize even the most complicated event schedules for your participants.

Make things easier


Make use of speaker questions, polls, gamification, and live voting to engage attendees better than ever.

Create real added value


Increase your revenue, through your sponsors, partners and exhibitors.
We are there to help you.

Easily refinance your event



Participant profiles, private meetings, participant groups, private messaging and matchmaking

Real leads - Real simple


Poster management has never been so easy. Our virtual exhibition will delight you and audience.

(Eco-)Smart & Sustainable


Over the past few years, we have created numerous gadgets: Interactive Room Plans, Questionnaires, Wordclouds...

Let us assist you

Get in touch now and request a demo!

Every event is unique: Live, Hybrid, Virtual - we deliver your digital companion.
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Our company combines years of expertise in event production, design and software engineering.

It can be hard to manage two different target audiences simultaneously and deliver a lasting experience. Nevertheless, it can be done - the unique live features of our platform help you do just that.

Embed external Websites

External websites can be easily connected to your app, integrating beautifully with your layout.

External tools

You have already found a tool of your choice? - No problem. CrowdPal can seamlessly integrate other tools in no time.

Sponsoring packages

Your sponsors can be optionally ranked to highlight and promote them according to your plans - making it easy to refinance your event.

Floorplans & Locations

Show your attendees around - with our highly interactive Floor Plans. Quickly index your sponsors, exhibitors, networking areas...

Virtual Expo & Abstract Management

Reduce the overhead of managing countless abstracts or posters. Our dashboard helps you keep things under control.


Based on a set of images provided before or even during your event, we create magnificent looking galleries in no time.

Digital Fairbag

Attendees can collect content in their personal digital exhibition bag. This is a simple, persistent, and eco-friendly way to deliver content.

User groups / Speaker groups

Define groups for your attendees and speakers so that all digital content can be easily delivered according to their role.

In-App Communication

Enable direct communication between attendees, speakers, and company representatives via chat or by defining forums.

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VBG - Barrierefreie Arbeitsgestaltung
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Innovationen der Berufsdermatologie

ABD - Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Berufs- und Umweltdermatologie e.V.
15. Nordkongress Urologie

15. Nordkongress Urologie

Innovation und Fortschritt: Patientenwohl im Fokus!
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18. Bundesweiter Betriebsärtzetag

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Forum Büro 2021

Forum Büro 2021

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2. Forum Digitalisierung

2. Forum Digitalisierung

VBG - Livestream Veranstaltung
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