Even more Feature Rich

CrowdPal was crafted with the full knowledge that each event is truly exceptional.

Embed external Websites

External websites can be easily connected to your app, integrating beautifully with your layout.

External tools

You have already found a tool of your choice? - No problem. CrowdPal can seamlessly integrate other tools in no time.

Sponsoring packages

Your sponsors can be optionally ranked to highlight and promote them according to your plans - making it easy to refinance your event.

Floorplans & Locations

Show your attendees around - with our highly interactive Floor Plans. Quickly index your sponsors, exhibitors, networking areas...

Virtual Expo & Abstract Management

Reduce the overhead of managing countless abstracts or posters. Our dashboard helps you keep things under control.


Based on a set of images provided before or even during your event, we create magnificent looking galleries in no time.

Digital Fairbag

Attendees can collect content in their personal digital exhibition bag. This is a simple, persistent, and eco-friendly way to deliver content.

User groups / Speaker groups

Define groups for your attendees and speakers so that all digital content can be easily delivered according to their role.

In-App Communication

Enable direct communication between attendees, speakers, and company representatives via chat or by defining forums.

Features highlighted

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Every event is unique: Live, Hybrid, Virtual - we deliver your digital companion.

Multi-Level Dashboards

We separate concerns using delegation.

Experience has shown us that events with many involved actuators quickly become complicated. Changes tend to take a lot of time and generate a lot of effort.

For this reason, our system is designed to assign roles to participants and to give them the possibility to adjust content on their own.

This saves the organizer or the agency a lot of time for other aspects of their event, but still keeps the overview and the possibility to intervene.

Easy Moderation

Innovative tools for successful moderation .

At almost all events, the focus is on successful moderation. Often, tried-and-tested live events fail to successfully involve external participants in the transition to a hybrid format.

To overcome these difficulties, we have developed several tools that make it possible to integrate all participant groups without overburdening the moderators.

In a simple, innovative way, we give moderators the opportunity to interact with participants, collect feedback and results, and present them on the spot.

Powerful Interaction

Get the most out of your attendees.

Interaction, moderation and presentation play closely together at CrowdPal. Depending on the goals and complexity of your event, we create entire forums on topic complexes or simple, optionally moderated Q&A sessions.

Creating surveys to or from participants, as well as entire questionnaires is a breeze - results can be evaluated and presented directly.

These possibilities are available on event level as well as within a live session.


Amazing presentations connecting interaction & moderation.

CrowdPal offers you the possibility to make all content visible in a selective way.

Surveys can be activated as part of the live moderation, results can be displayed as a diagram or, for example, as a Wordcloud.

Furthermore, our unique OnAir-Player offers the possibility to collect all content in a playlist and to control it in a presentation view.

Everything. Entirely. Simple.


Connecting made easy.

Networking is an essential part of modern events.

Speakers, presenters, exhibitors, representatives of sponsors or companies are linked and tagged according to their roles - thus promoting communication and exchange in a focused way.

In addition to their own profile, participants at Crowdpal have the opportunity to exchange information, chat directly with each other and arrange meetings.